What Is Cosmetic Surgery?

There is much talk about cosmetic surgery these days–on the internet, in magazines, on television and in the movies. It has become much more common than decades ago for a variety of reasons. Yet many average citizens are confused about what this practice actually entails. Here are some important points about it.- Cosmetic operations are considered to be elective procedures. This means that the patient elects to undergo the scalpel rather than needing it for their health.- These surgeries are done in order to improve or enhance a persons appearance. Reconstructive work also falls into this category and would entail reparation or alteration of ones physical appearance after a disfiguring disease, accident or due to a genetic flaw.- A patient should seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in order to perform their operations. A regular M.D. does not have substantial training in this complex specialty.- Every patient has a different immune response, skin type, musculature and skeleton. Each result will be different depending on the individual.- While bodies appear to be symmetrical, they actually are not. The results of a cosmetic surgery procedure will be asymmetrical, as well.- No one is perfect before a plastic surgery operation and no one will be perfect afterward. The goal is enhancement rather than perfection. Realistic expectations are an important requirement.- Immune response is improved by a patients physical health. Every person should follow a healthy diet and exercise program before asking their body to heal from an elective operation.- Mental health is important, too. A person should be in a balanced place in their emotional and mental life before undergoing cosmetic surgeries.- Before the day of surgery, the patient will need to go for an initial consultation plus a second appointment along with lab work. Post-op will entail follow-up appointments, as well.- Procedures may be performed in a hospital, clinic or surgical suites at the doctors office. General or local anesthesia will be administered during the process in order to keep the patient pain free.- It is imperative that patients give up tobacco in the form of smoking it themselves or second hand smoke. Immune function will be hampered by being in the presence of cigarette smoke.- While bruising, swelling and initial pain are all temporary, the scars from operations will be permanent.- Insurance companies do not pay for elective procedures unless there is a medical reason, as well. Some examples of medical issues taken care of along with cosmetics include the repair of a deviated septum during a nose job or restoring peripheral vision during an eyelid lift.- Patients must be prepared to take time off of work to allow for post-op recovery. Having a friend or family member around to help them out in the initial days and weeks is imperative, as well.- Some of the most popular procedures include rhinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelifts, brow lifts and breast augmentation.If an individual is interested in obtaining more information about cosmetic surgery or whether they are a good candidate, they should make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss their options.