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Surviving Summer As A Stay At Home Mom}

Surviving Summer as a Stay at Home Mom


Summertime can be rough on a stay at home mom. If your entire routine is based around the kids being in school, it can be quite a shock having them come home for their summer vacation, being at home possibly all day, and wanting you to help keep them busy.

Not to mention it’s just so hot outside!

Let’s be honest. There’s something wonderful about it too. But it can be draining to make the switch from the school schedule to the summer schedule. And summer is no vacation for you. With the kids home and demanding more from you, it can be even more work than when they’re at school.

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A positive attitude works best. You do need to adapt, but this also means you have the opportunity to really enjoy your family. Plan fun activities with your children. Get out and have those adventures that just wouldn’t work out during the school year.

You don’t have to spend a fortune either. One of the beauties of summer is all the things you can do outside. Beaches, parks, playgrounds, hiking… the weather is perfect for just about any place you would like to go for summer play.

But some things do cost money. Summer camps or day camps are a great way to keep the kids entertained, but they do cost money. Swimming lessons are an option I strongly recommend whether or not your children have other access to water. Just a good skill to learn.

With younger children it can be hard to get out and about. They require so much watching, especially if water is involved. Sometimes entertaining them at home is just simpler. My own preference is to do things like turn on the sprinklers to water the lawn at a time that the kids can play in the water. It’s a little less efficient in terms of the lawn absorbing the water, but the kids have a blast.

The trouble can be how exhausting all the running about can be. Despite the rose colored way many people view the life of a stay at home mom, the obligations can wear you out quickly, and you won’t always feel like doing things with the kids away from home.

I suggest being ready with the creative activities. If you’re low on art and craft supplies, summer is a great time to stock up again. My kids love heading to the craft store and I could never buy every craft that catches their attention. However, we do get some great ideas.

As children get into their teens, it is probably time to encourage them to try babysitting. Have them talk to parents of younger children in the neighborhood and see if they can find work. Younger teens generally love being able to earn money.

Summer is an adjustment, but it can also be a lot of fun. Taking the time to enjoy the time with your kids is something you won’t regret, even when you’re exhausted by all the demands.

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