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Submitted by: Michiel Van Kets

There is no other industry that has grown as fast as the IT industry and the job opportunities in this field are rising at a rate that can’t be met. If you’re looking into, or are already working, in this area then the pay is very good and there are plenty of career opportunities with the top companies, paying high salaries and located in major destinations all over the world if that’s what you want.

A career in IT opens up all kinds of advantages and these days many companies outsource the hiring of employers to recruitment agencies, thus saving them valuable man hours generally required for filling a key position. Agencies are already set up for finding quality employees for businesses and have the ability to offer a huge database of both permanent and contract IT workers either looking for a change of direction in their career or a new position; often they already have a suitable professional on their books.

New candidates of a high standard with a range of experience across a number of niche areas in the IT domain are added to the database on a daily basis, if you’re in the job market then joining an agency can make a lot of sense as it saves you time and effort having to go through the whole application process with each new company. If you are working full-time then they do all the groundwork in finding you a position that suits, as well as offering advice and help. For those intending to move to a different area then agencies are great for securing short term contracts until you find your feet and are ready for a full-time position. There’s no reason you won’t find a good job offer in next to no time as long as you have the relevant experience and qualifications.


Recruitment agencies employ a specialist team of consultants who have a great depth of knowledge about the opportunities that exist within the industry and have spent time building good relationships with their clients, who include key IT job Melbourne organisations. Their role is to successfully find good positions for candidates all over Australia, achievable by the establishment of an extensive network.

There are generally all kinds of options open to you when looking for work, from part and full time to short and long term contracts, and even casual work for those who have prior commitments but need to earn money now and again. Signing up with an agency gives you a lot more opportunities as more than one organization is looking for workers, and it’s just a case of matching your skills and expertise with the job profile. As the agency has already completed all the background and reference checks, and some skills test, then you also save a lot of time as you are already half-way there.

There are a range of major projects and contract IT jobs presently ongoing in numerous companies around Australia and you should find something to fit with your needs and specifications regarding job profiles, salary and location, whether your expertise is in applications development, infrastructure, business intelligence, project services, CRM/ERP and RDBMS or another specialised area.

Applying for IT jobs through an agency is just as stringent as applying directly to an organization and the same rules apply regarding the application and interview. In today’s competitive job market, presentation and preparation are the answer if you want to stand the best chance.

Find the best IT jobs Sydney the easy way, contact your local recruitment agency specializing in IT positions and view their current openings. Representing a number of important Australian firms, you’re guaranteed to get all kinds of offers in a short time and can then decide which vacancies you are interested in. If you already have a full time job or are on a temporary contract and need to find a more permanent position they can help you out.

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