On Choosing The Best Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon A Must Read!

By Seomul Evans

After taking a full turn from vasectomy, men resort to have their vasectomy reversal at the soonest possible time. However, choosing the best vasectomy reversal surgeon is not easy as this can be the most difficult and complicated phase prior to the actual vasectomy reversal. To achieve a successful vasectomy reversal, a high level of expertise of a microsurgeon is required.

Once you are decided to undo vasectomy, the search for a vasectomy

reversal surgeon begins.

Choosing the Vasectomy Surgeon to Undo Vasectomy

This is the most common step for men who request to undo vasectomy. While resorting to your vasectomy surgeon is a good option, you must also know that fact that he/she may not be capable of performing a vasectomy reversal. Not all vasectomy surgeons can undo vasectomy. In a positive note, your vasectomy surgeon may refer you to a more qualified vasectomy reversal surgeon.

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Vasectomy reversal doctors are now offering services via the internet. Beware of these doctors. Some of these self-acclaimed vasectomy reversal surgeons turn out to be fake and lack expertise on the field. Although not in a general sense, these doctors advertise high but fake success rates so as to attract potential patients seeking for vasectomy reversal. Don t be fooled by the false statistics.

Low Cost Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Since vasectomy reversal is usually not covered by health insurance, candidates for reversing vasectomy may opt for a low cost vasectomy reversal surgeon. However, before dealing with theses surgeons, men have to ensure that theses low cost surgeon are equipped with proper and professional training in vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. Do not risk your chance to father a child again

Qualifications of a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

To increase your chance of a successful vasectomy reversal, you have to carefully select an experienced surgeon. Make sure that your potential surgeon is capable of handling urologic microsurgery. You also have to know if the vasectomy reversal surgeon is capable of performing vasoepididymostomy when vasovasostomy is not applicable. The success of reversing vasectomy also varies upon the technique used. Asked about which approach he prefers.

The success rate of a surgeon highly matters in choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeon. Success rates are not just simply statistics. The numbers reflect their skills and performance. This will give you an idea and tick your instinct whether to pursue surgery with the doctor or look for a more qualified surgeon.

Knowing that your potential surgeon is knowledgeable at male fertility is a plus. His/her knowledge in men s fertility will keep you on the right tract. The vasectomy reversal doctor can guide you throughout the course of waiting for a successful pregnancy.

Ensuring Expertise of a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Ask for statistics. Success rate, pregnancy rate, numbers of vasectomy reversal surgeries performed, and frequency of surgery. These numbers are indicative of their level of expertise. As stated earlier, statistics represent more than just numbers.

While the success rate of your potential vasectomy reversal surgeon indicates level of performance, a better way to ensure expertise is to gather feedback from previous patients. If possible, ask for contact numbers of former vasectomy reversal patients. Their testimonies are much more reliable than statistics.

Choosing the best vasectomy reversal surgeon is a crucial phase of reversing sterility. It must be done with thorough research and background check. These are as essential as ensuring a successful vasectomy reversal surgery. The chance of regaining fertility to father a child again lies on the hands of your surgeon.

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