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By Tim Sousa

Perhaps one of the most used seats in your household is the kitchen bar stool. When one thinks of this item, they may envision a child sitting on it doing homework while mom or dad prepare dinner. Or, perhaps they envision a convenient place to sit after work while having a snack or a drink. They may even see friends sitting on the stools chatting with the person preparing meals or snacks. Kitchen bar stools may even be seen as seats for children at mealtime while adults eat at the dining table. Kitchen bar stools have grown in popularity along with the ever increasing sizes of kitchens and dining areas that are being built with overhanging counters.

There are many different kitchen bar stool designs to choose from to fit your kitchen decor. The right choice of bar stool can add to your kitchen decor while the wrong choice may hinder the overall look of your kitchen. Kitchen bar stools come with or without backs, different heights, swivel or non swivel as well as with or without arms. They also come in wood, metal, wrought iron and other materials. Sometimes, the many different choices can be overwhelming. To help you make the right choice, here are a few tips on choosing the right bar stool for your kitchen.

Kitchen bar stools go through a lot of use. With this in mind, it is wise to choose stools that are made of materials that can stand the test of time and wear. Be sure to avoid stools that are made of soft wood if they are going to be for kitchen use. Instead, you might want to choose stools that are made of wrought iron, hard wood, aluminum, stainless steel or chrome.

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For comfort and convenience, it is important that you allow 12 inches from the top of the stool cushion to the bottom of the table or counter. Make sure the tops of the arms of the stools are able to slide under the counter or table easily if you decide on stools with arms.

Along with the stool itself, make sure that the cushions you will be using will stand the test of time as well. Avoid getting thin grade leather or vinyl cushions if choosing leather or vinyl. Bare wood or metal seats will last, but may not be as comfortable as a padded cushion.

Consider the other uses for your kitchen bar stool that may not involve the kitchen. Perhaps they will occasionally be used in the gameroom or TV room when you are entertaining guests. If you are planning to use them elsewhere, be sure to select stools that are light enough to be carried easily from one room to the next.

Kitchen stools are also wonderful additions to kitchens of busy people. They often serve as places to eat when you are on the go; from a quick bite before you leave for work in the morning or when you return for another bite to eat before heading out again. The kitchen bar stool isn’t just for breakfast anymore. It has become a versatile and convenient addition to any kitchen.

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