Irrigation Project In El Salvador Sowing The Seeds Of Development}

Submitted by: Eliza Dushku

Brite constructions is committed towards the growth and development of El Salvador and we are eager to associate with crucial nation building infrastructure projects to enrich those with our skill and expertise. We have provided $6 million for the irrigation system project that will provide water for rice cultivation and agricultural activities in El Rosario and San Cristobal. This will be funded by the Korea International cooperation agency . It has donated $4.5million and remaining $1.5 million will be provided by the Ministry of Agriculture.

This irrigation project will prove vital for the agriculture in this region. Farmers will no longer be dependent on rain for the irrigation purpose and this will add to their income too. We have started the construction of canals and planning the framework for sprinklers. This project was quite challenging as it was a difficult job to bring the water to the fields through canals, but then our expertise in pipeline constructions came handy and we surpassed the challenge easily.

Brite Constructions has maintained an image of a pro-active and customer centric organization and deliver what our clients exactly demand and that too with a superfine quality considering the budget and time constraints as well. Construction Companies in El Salvador do tend to follow a custom approach that had shown positive consequences earlier. We at Brite Constructions are always developing innovative ways to deliver progressive results. Buildings created by us are not just cement and steel structures, but they have life and tend to speak for themselves, designed to mingle flawlessly with the surroundings and provide the right living or working space for humans. What has endeared us to our clients is our policy of being open and transparent in our dealings while giving a head to quality considerations. Clients have faith in us and we safeguard their trust with keenness.


Brite Constructions has undertaken the construction of this irrigation project in El Salvador, owing to its immense experience in designing canals, pipelines and tube wells. We will apply our skills and technical competence to this critical developmental project and strive to craft a system which will be functional throughout the year freeing the farmers from the shackles of drought and poverty. Ample amount of experience and skilled workforce is essential for large scale infrastructure projects like this particular one which only a world class construction company owns. The huge number of third parties involved in an irrigation project requires exhaustive control, coordination and monitoring of all the agents involved and their views. We are famous for adhering to the time limits, cost and specifics for implementing the projects and also managing communications between the diverse stakeholders involved and meting out the necessary volume of documentation produced during the course of the project.

Functional irrigation projects synchronizing elements of nature with modernity are the cornerstone of our construction activities. Multifarious institutional constructions showcase our mastery in this particular construction sector. Landmark infrastructure development projects handled by us have helped us in building a reputation of a trustworthy and efficient organization. Proficiency and expertise attained through the various residential projects on behalf of some of the most vibrant developers, corporate and individuals make us the undisputed market leaders in the irrigation project construction.

Brite has earned the faith of its clients and delivered excellence through meticulous attention to quality and details. All these traits of ours makes us the perfect construction company for this irrigation project and we are eagerly looking forward to come up good on the expectations of our investors. We are professionals to the core and committed to bring innovative technical brilliance that is absolute.

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