How To Write A Good Call To Action For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

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Barron s online dictionary defines direct mail marketing as making records of the names and addresses of people who have a common characteristic. Direct mail marketing is this and so much more. Direct mail marketing is the most used and highly thought of marketing technique for businesses to produce new business.

There are many different types of direct mail marketing lists available including consumer, business, saturation, mortgage, credit, new mover, new homeowner, ailment, medical, and many other different types of specialty mailing lists. Direct mail marketing can reach out to any target market or niche imaginable.

The best type of mailing list that a business can use for direct mail marketing is an in house list that is built of existing and lapsed customers. Direct mail marketing lists can also be purchased from list brokers for a cost ranging from $5/M names for saturation lists to $100/M names for specialty, extremely targeted lists.


A call to action is a must for any effective direct mail marketing campaign. A promotional message is your businesses way to convert your audience of prospective clients into buying customers. Your business must remember three key elements when designing your direct mail marketing call to action; Alignment, Approach, and Appearance.

The alignment of direct mail marketing call to action is most important. The call to action must be clearly visible to your reader and also be contained within your promotional text multiple times. Your direct mail marketing call to action should be the header to your text. The call to action will draw attention to the text and urge your reader to continue on through your direct mail marketing promotional text.

The approach to your direct mail marketing call to action is also very important. You must choose powerful word to convey your message. Also, your call to action must be written in a way that urges your prospective client to respond to your direct mail marketing offer. This can often be conveyed by showing your prospective client how your businesses service or product is the answer to a common problem or question they may be having.

The appearance is the final and least important component of a good call to action for a direct mail marketing campaign. The words of your call to action should be strong enough to proper ally convey the message of your direct mail marketing campaign, but if they are not, adding good graphics and layout can also create a strong impact and boost your response rate.

The 3 important aspects of a good call to action are thus as discussed above. You have to keep in mind an important aspect of Direct mail marketing; without a great call to action your campaign may go unsuccessful. Your valuable money, time and all other investments in the campaign will be futile. So take a grand care before you launch any direct mail campaign. I advise you may seek help of direct marketing professionals before the launch of any campaign.

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