How To Plan For Retirement Savings &Amp; Income? Roth Ira Or Tax Deductible? 401k Or Something Else?

Submitted by: Amaan Goyal

People say a man is known by the kind of life he lives. Planning and securing funds for your retirement is the best investment you can make. Would you like to secure your golden years with complete financial independence or have an uncertain future? Have you started panning for your retirement? Have you put together a retirement plan? Is your retirement plan working? Among the biggest mistakes people are making is over-estimating their investment returns and the amount of money that can safely be withdrawn each year in retirement. Socking away money for retirement is a great idea, but how much do you really need to save? How long do you need to work to set yourself up comfortably in your golden years?

The common mistake most people make is to postpone their retirement needs for the sake of their present needs. You need to start planning for your retirement before age starts knocking on your door. Retirement planning is not a one time exercise rather it should be looked at a life time investment strategy. If you have not started planning for your retirement, it s never too late to make a start. To put together a retirement savings plan is easier said than done. The questions outnumber the answers. How much to save? Would it be enough? What are the instruments available which allow you benefits of years of saving along with tax benefits? The last thing you would want is to depend on your social security check from Uncle Sam. The first step towards securing your future is to start looking at today. One should look at how much he can save today to ensure financial independence at retirement.


For starters it would be a good option to consult a retirement planning specialists to explore all possible avenues for planning and securing your retirement. There are a host of retirement planning instruments available in the market today which give you the dual benefits of tax savings along with ensuring that you reap benefits of the market conditions & life insurance. A structured retirement savings plan should allow to piece together your retirement income in a step by step manner keeping in mind your current financial situation along with your retirement needs. Retirement planning is a balancing act of managing your today with your future needs. It is important to remember that future rates of return can’t be predicted with certainty and that investments that pay higher rates of return are generally subject to higher risk and volatility.

Whether be it investing and managing your 401ks and IRAs or find retirement supplement program, you need to keep a careful eye on the decisions you make today to secure your future tomorrow. Also, is it Roth 401K & Roth IRA or Traditional 401K & Tax-deductible IRA? You need to have a strategy in place to retire and enjoy your golden years with the same lifestyle as in your early years. Procrastination on planning your retirement would leave you not only unsecured but also with an uncertain future. Put together a retirement plan today!

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