How To Lose A Pound A Day And Never Gain Weight Again

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One of the single most common problems that every dieter faces is the prospect of having to maintain the weight. Studies have shown that an alarming number of people who have followed some kind of diet all the way until they have reached their goal weight, end up gradually regaining all of that lost weight, packing those pounds right back on, and in many cases, gaining back even more weight than they had lost.

But why does this sort of thing happen all too often? Why is it such a common occurrence? It almost seems as though losing weight, as difficult and challenging as it is, is actually the easy part, and that maintaining the weight that you had lost is actually the hard part. If you think that the actual process of losing weight is a seemingly impossible task, then you will have underestimated just how difficult it can be to maintain your weight loss. That itself will prove to be both a monumental hurdle and a herculean task.

The reason for this is because while the diet had specific rules and guidelines to be followed, once many people lose all of their excess body fat and achieve their goal weight, they generally tend to become complacent. They feel that they have successfully achieved their goal and now they don’t have to follow any dietary guidelines anymore. In their mind, they believe that they now have earned the right to eat as much as they want, and that they deserve to pig out and splurge as a result. In their mind, regaining all of that weight that they had lost is an incalculable impossibility, and a far off event that could not ever possibly occur.


And the fact that so many people undergo what is known as a weight loss rebound is a telltale sign that the diet plan is flawed. It offers plenty of guidance on how to lose weight, but leaves you completely in the dark, left to fend for yourself, when it comes to matters of how to keep yourself from regaining that weight.

Otherwise, what is going to happen is that you are just going to end up slipping back into your same old bad habits that caused you to gain all of that weight in the first place- the same old diet and exercise mistakes you were making that caused you to put on all of those pounds.

So what can you do? Is there truly a way how to lose a pound a day and never gain weight again? Yes there is, but as long as you research your diet plan that you choose to follow and make sure that it offers a rock solid, reliable, doable, and realistic plan for maintaining your new weight once you have shed all of those pounds.

In other words, the transition from weight loss to weight maintenance should be seamless. It should be part and parcel of the same diet plan. Dieting is a lifestyle, not a temporary undertaking or endeavor.

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