Hindi Music Industry

Hindi Music Industry


Durga Ravula

South Asia displays a varying culture in music which has different flavors, ranging from the continent of India to the islands of Japan. India has a heritage which is most diversified as well as colorful. Each of the Indian states has a distinct culture in music. Music in India tends to be essentially folk which has a theme, these themes range from birth to marriage of individuals. Indians have songs for each occasion of one s life. The traditions and customs followed in India are deeply connected with the music of the country.

Hindi music forms a great part of Indian musical traditions. Hindi, national language, is spoken by a great chunk of the population, irrespective of the existence of local dialects. Film Industry in India, which follows Hindi as mode of presentation, is famous all over the world as Bollywood;it stands as second most popular film industry of the world, second to Hollywood itself. The bollywood music, a distinct music form, has gained popularity because of the film industry in India. The music has several references to the Indian culture while taking inspiration from western music as well as cinema. Several international musicians have not only performed but composed songs for Bollywood movies and documentaries.


AR Rahman, has achieved international fame and proved himself as a great musician in the field of Indian music. Hindi music gained popularity abroad because of the presence of Indians living there. From the northern tip of the subcontinent to the very southern shores, India displays distinct style of music. Over the years Punjabi music has become a trend with the masses due to its uniqueness as well as the brand names which are recognized with it. The Punjabi folk music essentially revolves around festivities as well as happy occasions. Punjabi tracks are also being used by Hollywood film makers who are using it for background scores in their films.

Music belonging to Southern states in the subcontinent has also influenced several south-east Asian cultures. Indians settled in the countries of Malaysia as well as Singapore has developed these traditional forms of music into new kind of music. For example AR Rahman derives his music sense from the Tamilian tradition but composes music specifically for Bollywood yet his style displays distinct reflections of the south Indian tradition of music.

Bengali music has its own uniqueness and has gained popularity in India. Bengal is also considered as Birth place for Rock Music and this is where it has gained fans. The sudden emergence of innovation was witnessed essentially because the state had strong colonial ties which led to revolutionary modernism in thought and music. Rajasthani music has also become popular with the tourists who frequent this capital of customs and traditions in India.

Patriotic songs too saw resurgence in the country during the pre-independence era, inspiring the citizens to revolt against the cruel British raj. All this music is now available to millions of listeners who can access classical, folk and the bollywood numbers with just a click, through the internet.

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