Employee Accident Compensation In The Lone Star State

Employee Accident Compensation in the Lone Star State


Janice Ladden

It is common knowledge that accidents can happen anywhere. Most minor accidents can be easily dealt with but others, especially those that happen in the work place such as industrial mishaps or chemical burns, are definitely more severe. Safety precaution protocols can be implemented in the work place but that does not completely remove the risk of an accident happening in work place. While it is true that accidents in the work place can not be completely avoided, if they do happen it is the responsibility of the business owner or the employer to compensate their employee accordingly.

In the United States, most employees who are injured on the job have an unconditional right to medical care for any injury. In many cases, monetary payments to compensate for resulting temporary or permanent disabilities are provided to the aggrieved employee. Most employers are required to obtain insurance for workers’ compensation. Any employer who does not may have to face financial penalties.

In many states, there are public uninsured employer funds to pay benefits to workers employed by companies who fail to purchase insurance. Insurance policies are available to employers through commercial insurance companies, and if the employer is deemed an excessive risk to insure at market rates, it can obtain coverage through an assigned-risk program.


In the state of Texas, the worker compensation, or comp, as it is commonly referred to, is elective, meaning that employers either provide worker’s compensation coverage, or be subject to civil suit in the event of worker injury. Workers comp insurance may be provided through a competitive state fund, a private insurance carrier, or employers may self-insure. According to policies on

workers comp Texas

has, employers do not allow waivers.

Because of the elective system of

workers comp Texas

has, companies who abide by the workers comp policies are required to provide medical assistance to any employee who sustains physical injury on the job. Full medical benefits are given to employees who are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, with no time or monetary limits.

Initial choice of physician is made by the employee, selected from a list of physicians prepared by the Worker’s Compensation Commission. If the employee requires further rehabilitation and care from a

physical therapist Texas

has, employers can consult the Workers Compensation commission for any additional instructions.

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