Customised Skin Peels Receiving Rave Reviews At Sk:N Clinics

Customised Skin Peels Receiving Rave Reviews At sk:n clinics


Gillian Cook

Is a chemical peel extreme? What was once considered a risky treatment is now one of the most popular procedures available. A skin peel effectively treats a range of skin imperfections including wrinkles, sun spots, acne, pigmentation and dry, scaly skin.

A chemical peel is designed to either gently polish or resurface the skin on your face, neck and hands by removing the top layers of skin. A skin peel removes old and dead cells from the surface of the skin while stimulating the production of new cells at deep skin level. There are a range of skin peels available at sk:n clinics. Each chemical peel is designed for different skin conditions and types. All sk:n clinics chemical peels are non-toxic and non-invasive and vary in strength. A skin peel is classified as superficial, medium or deep depending on the layer of skin they are designed to reach.

A Jessner s Peel is a light chemical peel that uses a combination of ingredients mixed into a single formula.

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A TCA Peel is effective in treating skin imperfections including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring. The results of a TCA Peel are more dramatic than a lighter skin peel.

A Mandelic Peel is recommended for sensitive and darker skins. It effectively treats blemishes, pigmentation and ageing skin.

A Glycolic Peel stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin by sloughing off the top layers of dead skin leaving your skin smoother and brighter looking.

Book a consultation with a skin expert at one of our state-of-the-art sk:n clinics throughout the UK and have your skin type and condition evaluated. Our skin experts will discuss your skin goals and expectations of a skin peel as well as the benefits, potential risks and any relevant side effects.

After an assessment of your face and skin type, the experts at sk:n clinics will recommend the most effective chemical peel for your skin.

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