Choosing Your Wedding Music

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A wedding is often the most important day in a woman s life. It is the day you finally say those two little words that mean so much: I do.

Of course, every woman wants her special day to be perfect, especially when it comes to the reception. The music at a wedding, both during the ceremony and at the reception, seems to highlight the occasion in a very special way. Throughout history there have been couples that have walked down the aisle to such works as Bach s Sleep May Safely Gaze, Wagner s Bridal Chorus or Mendelssohn s widely know and historic Wedding March.

There is also special music for the end of the ceremony when the newly wedded couple makes their way outside. This will often include Wesley s Choral Song or Windsor s Toccata. The decision is ultimately yours, naturally, and these days there are all kinds of different music to choose from to set the perfect mood for each phase of your special day. The reception, of course, is the key event of the day that provides the setting for the celebration of a new beginning, and where most of the day s musical program will take place.

This is your day of days, and you will want to share it with your friends and family. Surrounding you with great food, a loving ambience and some jamming music to both slow dance and groove to, the reception is often considered the best part of a wedding celebration. It is certainly the loudest, liveliest and most entertaining!


Choices and budgets

Many brides-to-be decide that hiring a DJ is the best way to go, while others may prefer a live band. The first rule before hiring any professional DJ or band is to do a little research to ensure that they are reputable and can really perform. Whatever the choice may be, and whomever you decide to hire, you need to decide what the genre of the music will be ahead of time, as this will affect how you make your list of possible performers.

You must consider what type of music you and your groom like the most, but also consider the kind of guests you will have. Make sure that the DJ or band can offer a wide selection of all types of music from different eras, and with all kinds of different tempos. The DJ needs to be provided with a nice, long list of your favorites. That way the fun can keep on rolling well into the night, while the DJ can also meet your guest s requests. If you want to cover all bases with a live band, you probably should select jazz musicians, who are the most versatile. A rock band will probably not be able to play Cole Porter s I Get a Kick Out of You for your grandparents.

Planning ahead is the best way to budget for the music. The bride s parents do not fund all the weddings anymore, as they did in days gone by. If need be, set aside some separate savings for all of the things you will need for your reception. DJ s and live bands will usually average about $1000 dollars in most medium-sized to major U.S. cities, or more if you re planning to hire an act with a local, regional or national reputation. If your reception is to be a short one, and your needs more modest, you may save up to 50% on this estimate. Of course, it is always easy to spend more, but don t do so without getting additional value, such as a recording of the event or an extra set to cap off the evening.

Making the deal

There are hundreds of web sites to visit in order to gather some helpful hints. They can offer insight on DJ services located in your area, tell you what types of music to choose, show you how to book the gig, advise you on the cost of the entertainment and, at individual performers sites, even display a calendar as to what dates they are available. It is very important to book the entertainment well in advance. That is the only way to guarantee that it will happen in accordance with your plans.

It is every woman s desire to have a dream wedding. After all of the planning and expense that you will have gone to, it will be nice when things go smoothly. You want your family and friends to shed a tear at the ceremony, but then have a blast at the reception and leave with a smile. The smile you take home yourself just might last you a lifetime.

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