The Dangers Of Diy Garage Door Installation


Nothing lasts forever; eventually you will have to replace the door on your garage. Many homeowners are active DIYers and may look at installing their new garage door to be just another challenge that will test their skills. This attitude may be fine for replacing the door on your bedroom but it is not a good idea to tackle garage door installation in Westchester, NY. Improper installation will result in poor door performance as well as compromise the safety of you and others that use the garage.


Faulty installation: Garage doors, the supporting mechanism and the operating mechanism are quite complex, a lot of tricky little parts that must be installed correctly. If you are not familiar with garage doors chances are these parts will not be installed properly.

Proper level: A typical garage door must be perfectly level for it to operate properly. Faulty spring installation or an error in the cable system can throw the door out of alignment, the result will be a door that is either difficult to operate or a door that will jamb during operation. A door that is out of square will detract from the beauty of your home and as the door won’t close correctly it only invites unwanted pests and vermin into the garage.

Danger: Those who do garage door installation in Westchester, NY for a living know the dangers associated with improper installation and maintenance. If the installation is not done properly there is a very good chance the door will come crashing down, hitting and damaging anything in its path.

Although the upfront cost of having a professional install your garage door is going to be higher than doing it yourself, it is a price well worth paying. You will save time and the results will be a door that works perfect and looks great and will not pose a hazard to you or your family.

If you have purchased a new door it is important to have it installed by professionals. For expert garage door installation in Westchester, NY you are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc.