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Hanging a mirrorA light and bright hallway will feel larger by hanging a mirror it will help to reflect the light.Good hallway storageA cluttered space will look smaller than it actually is. By adding storage like a hallway storage bench to the room you will be able to clear some space.Use of colourColour choice is such an important decision; it can make or break your room design. Picking a dark colour can make your room feel smaller than it actually is. When you consider that the average hallway a relatively small room, then perhaps this is not such a good idea!There are exceptions to the rule, but in general the darker the colour the smaller it will make your room feel. A light and bright colour will help to bounce light around the room and make it feel larger. Go for light neutral colours on both the walls and floors.WallpaperIt wasn’t that long ago that wallpaper was considered a real style faux pas. If you are old enough to remember 1980’s striped wallpaper it is no surprise that people stayed clear of wallpaper. Recently wallpaper has seen a revival and large patterns are back in style. Big bold and make a statement.SpaceUnless you live in a mansion then space is always going to be of a premium in a hallway. Floor space is going to be limited so if you are going to update the look of the room then walls are going to provide the area to work with.Mirrors should be the first thing to add to the hallway, a strategically well placed mirror can help widen the look of a room by reflecting light. If you want to make the room feel more homely then framed photos are an ideal way of adding a homely feel. Another way to inject personality in to the room is to hang some of your favourite artwork. Whether it is artwork or photography you are adding to the walls don’t get carried away, and remember that less is more. Please remember to consider lighting when thinking about where you are going to hang your artwork. If you want to show if off to its full potential then you going to need to have some kind of artificial lighting, a good spotlight for example.StairsThese high traffic areas can become a little tired, invest in a new carpet, please note that installing a stairway carpet should only be performed by a professional. The last thing you want is the carpet to ruck up and becoming a hazard.If you have a period home then adding runners to the carpet can give a distinctive look. This works really well when used in addition with a period design wallpaper pattern.Let there be lightSome hallways suffer from poor lighting, with a couple of small changes then you could benefit from a light brighter hallway. Firstly do you have a solid front door, if you do then consider changing for one with glass? This will flood the room with natural light. The same technique can be used for interior doors.To give the impression of height and space use up lighters. If you already have high ceiling then this will give you the perfect opportunity for suspending a designer pendant light. Or if you think you hallway is large enough then consider a chandelier to add some extra sparkle.Hallway Furniture If you are going add furniture to your hallway then choose carefully. Anything more than the essentials will just end up getting in the way and make the space look cluttered. Bespoke hallway furniture is key to creating a look that is also practical, as it is often made to be slimmer and makes better use of space by incorporating some element of storage. A hallway bench is a versatile piece of hallway furniture an are a perfect examples, underneath the seat you will be able to store way all the unsightly shoes.

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