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What Should Homeowners Know About Foreclosure In Fairfield, Oh?


When a mortgage holder wants to foreclose on a home, they must go through a judicial process involving the courts. The first step that will occur is a homeowner will receive warning letters and calls regarding their missed payments. It is imperative a homeowner does not avoid these communications so they do not miss out on the opportunity to make alternative arrangements that could satisfactorily catch up their payments in arrears. Those facing foreclosure in Fairfield, OH need to make sure they understand their rights and what happens in the process.

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Before a foreclosure can become official, the mortgage holder must file a lawsuit and the homeowner is sent a summons and complaint. The homeowner will then be given twenty-eight days to respond to the complaint. Once the foreclosure has been granted, the process of sale can begin. When a property has been sold, the mortgage holder will file a notice to leave and the sheriff can make the occupants vacate the home. Thankfully, there are steps a homeowner can take to avoid foreclosure in Fairfield, OH.

When a homeowner is facing mounting debt and finds themselves unable to catch up their mortgage payments, it . This type of bankruptcy allows a homeowner time to catch up on their payments in arrears while keeping their current payments paid. Most homeowners are given up to five years and must present a structured payment plan to the court.

Filing for chapter 13 immediately halts any collection activity as long as the foreclosure process has not begun. This is why it is imperative that homeowners do not delay in the process so an attorney can help them. Once the bankruptcy is in effect, the homeowner must catch up on their payments and stay current. If the homeowner is current on their payments at the end of the bankruptcy, they will be able to avoid foreclosure.

If you are facing losing your home, there are many ways an attorney can help. Contact Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law and ask to schedule an appointment so you can learn more about the process and what can be done to help you avoid foreclosure.


How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Once And For All

By Terje Ellingsen

Credit card debt is a major cause of over one million bankruptcies each year. The reason is the sad fact that many people get a credit card without researching and reading the fine print. By the time annual fees are added on, along with spending indiscriminately, payments are missed, which causes their balance to skyrocket. Although we all like to place the blame on the credit cards and the credit card companies, you need to keep in mind that the real cause of your financial mess is you.

One shopping spree does not usually cause high debt. It’s rather a pattern that develops gradually with increasing purchases thus adding up to a large debt. The great thing is that it can be very easy to get out of debt. The key is to start spending less than you make. This is a long-term solution that can help you to whittle your debt down. Although it may sound simple, it can be very difficult if you have a problem with willpower. It is important to stick with spending less than you make or you will find yourself in exactly the same place as you were before. Overcoming your debt will take willpower and a great deal of time.

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It may be difficult to stick with a debt repayment or consolidation program, but keep yourself strong and you will find yourself out of debt before you know it. It is important to learn how to get out of debt and then stay out of debt. If you can summon enough willpower and strength towards your finances and spending, then you will find yourself the winner in the game of debt. It may be easy to get into debt, but getting out of debt is much more difficult, but worth it.

One simple but powerful ‘word of wisdom’ can sum up the solution to your financial problems. If you don’t have the money to spend, then don’t spend it!

About the Author: Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website

Terje gives advice and helps people with personal financial issues like how to get out of debt, see

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The 4 Ps Of Marketing

By Warren Miller

On a theoretical level, marketing is often defined under 4 heads – known in certain circles as ‘the 4Ps’. These essential marketing elements usually need to be intermingled within an online framework to deliver a complete, return-driven, focused marketing campaign on an ongoing basis. But even with offline marketing, it’s important that the various elements of the marketing mix are given due consideration just to ensure that you’ve got all the bases covered.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the 4Ps on marketing theory and how you can integrate them within your business.

Product – the actual product or service itself has to at least stand up to the rigors of the market, and ideally redefine the space it occupies. An overhaul of this component in your business requires looking at both the physical product and also the offer that often defines it. If the offer and the product are both compelling and interesting, you have the bare bones of a marketing strategy. Once you have this, the additional elements of your overall plan can effectively and easily interact.

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Price – the price point of your product or service is the next essential element to the marketing mix. Your pricing policy shouldn’t be based on a hunch – how do you know dropping your price by a $1 won’t double your sales? Test as many different price points as you possibly can for your products and services and then let the numbers decide how much you should charge. On a similar note, the price has to be just right in proportion to the other elements. It should be high, low or in between, depending on the market to which you’re pitching and the message sent out by the other elements of your marketing strategy.

Promotion – perhaps the most traditional of the four, this refers to the kind of marketing we traditionally think of like advertising and public relations. The most important practical step you can implement in this regard is a system for tracking and testing responsiveness to different marketing variables. To truly know your marketing mix, you need to know what promotional methods are doing the business for you and which ones are just drains on your resources. This will allow you to better allocate your resources and more effectively align your marketing strategy. The ability to easily track your marketing results is why ‘new media’ marketing methods, such as email marketing and mobile marketing, continue to be so successful.

Place (i.e. Distribution) – this effectively means ensuring your product is in the right place for your customers to buy. That could literally refer to the shelf in your local store, or figuratively through your website or online presence. A growingly technological age is becoming ever more valuable and conducive to business promotion. It’s important to make sure your online marketing campaigns are taking advantage of all the options in order to deliver value on a month-on-month basis.

While the 4Ps of marketing are a simple theoretical skeleton, they do nevertheless provide a good framework for identifying, isolating and building on the individual components of your marketing strategy. Making sure you have this important foundation in place when starting your business or launching a new product will go a long way towards creating a more effective long-term approach to building and growing your business.

About the Author: Warren Miller is the Lead Marketing Consultant for Logic Path, a ‘new media’ marketing agency that delivers customized solutions through new technologies. This includes full-service marketing solutions, SEO services, membership programs, and more. Their Marketing Blog is updated daily with essential business marketing advice and tips.


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