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X Rated Appliance Repair: Naked Man Stuck In Washer}

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Sometimes an appliance can be the star of a very strange show indeed.

In a true story that comes from the land down under ( a twenty-year old man named Laurence became stuck in a washing machine. How he got out is one thing but why he went in is still another very strange tale indeed. All that he would tell the press is that he knew of no appliance specialists to call and that the entire matter was part of a very bad practical joke.

It seems that Laurence was headed for the shower, towel in hand, when he impulsively decided to slip into the top-loading washing machine instead. (Ah, the folly of youth!) But the fun quickly deteriorated when this silly young man found that he could not move at all from his new position.

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No appliance repair specialist was called to the scene, but a visiting friend called for paramedics, firefighters and a search and rescue squad to free poor Laurence from his most uncomfortable predicament. They were able to do so by utilizing a most unusual product to set him free: olive oil.

Despite the obvious humor in the situation, everyone was very concerned for Laurences safety because he was completely wedged into the spot. In the words of police Sgt. Michelle De Araugo, It was just a game gone wrong and it would be fair to say that the gentleman was very embarrassed.

They used several methods to free poor Laurence, but when everything failed and no professional appliance repair advice was available, rescuers seized a bottle of his most favored olive oil which lubricated his escape to non-sudsy, polyunsaturated freedom.

He slid out of the washer basket and told rescuers that his only regret was that they used his good olive oil. In his own words: As soon as the washing machine went on its side, it was a bit like birthing.

One can only hope that you, dear reader, will not find yourself embroiled in this most embarrassing situation. If you ever do and you happen to live in the New York-Bronx-Westchester areas of New York City, Anthony the Appliance Doctor can help you, even though he would probably be the first to admit that this particular job is not usually covered in appliance repair training.

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