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Irresistible Homemade Carp Boilie Bait Recipe And Ingredient Tips For Beginners!}

Submitted by: Tim F. Richardson

You want more and better information on how to make homemade baits and make them increasingly better and better! Having been making homemade baits that beat leading readymade baits ever since readymade baits became available and having hooked the world record fish on homemade baits, I can tell you many secrets and big fish tips that will speed your success! Read on for the best information for transforming your catches!

Looking at carp forums and so on it is so clear that many anglers are in a copy cat kind of mode and really dont have the experience and confidence to try things in their own way and create unique totally new baits. Instead they seem to be fixated on copying recipes. This approach may be one method beginning learning, but it severely slows down and limits the rate of learning because of not experiencing the depth and breadth of materials which really constitute the fastest short-cut to success.

It is like knowing there are a thousand colours and only using 5 of them. So for this reason your bait is really all too similar to 95 percent of all other baits. Yet the entire point of bait is to present your fish with something exceptionally stimulatory and so unique in its features, characteristics and sensory aspects such as feel, visual appearance, tactile texture and weight and density, so fish feel safe in its presence as it represents no memory of danger!

To achieve genuinely world-class unique homemade baits what you need to do is remove very specifically the majority of the most common features and characteristics of readymade baits. This includes the most common binders including egg and soya and semolina, Robin Red and other aspects which may include Talin, aniseed oil, the most commonly-used fish meals, and even remove hemp oil.

You may well ask what on earth do I use instead if I remove these? Such materials are used by bait companies all over the world and the point is that you are removing such items from your baits precisely because carp regard them equally as significant potential threats of danger today, due to exposure to millions of baits containing such materials over the decades! By removing these materials or drastically changing their uses and levels you can immediately make a big difference to your catches.

But I would like you to consider the fact that by design you can optimise and maximise your baits far beyond any commercial readymade bait! (Plus, it is easy to design and make exceptional homemade baits without using the most commonly-used ingredients, liquid foods, flavours, additives, etc that bait companies use.)

One very simple approach is to go to suppliers outside of the bait industry. Bait is not about a price per kilogram. That definition refers purely to a business and unit of product being sold for profit. It bears zero relationship to actual success potential for you as a user!

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You need to let go completely of the readymade bait paradigm and instead focus purely upon feeling and thinking like a fish when it comes to designing your unique homemade baits. Feel and appreciate how foods impact upon you and your system! For instance what happens if you consume lots of molasses? What happens when you try and eat lots of eggs? What happens if you eat lots of sweets? What happens when you go without sugar or salt or biscuits or crisps or coffee or cheese or milk for a long period? Do you get withdrawal symptoms? How much do these substances influence your moods and behaviours?

This is more like the kind of feeling you need to be doing to design and make really seriously exceptional homemade carp baits! Imagine how carp perceive your baits on a feeling and other sensory levels. Avoid thinking too much like an angler and too logically about bait. Bait is very much about acute sensitivity of fish and exploiting the sensory systems of fish in many ways simultaneously to produce multiple impact effects upon receptors of fish to trigger feeding behaviours in the moment, in real time, again and again!

Part of the key to this is in choosing materials which contain an excess of gustatory and olfactory system-stimulating amino acids. Mineral salts, vitamins, and betaine forms plus low molecular-weight substances for instance plus other factors and more really all can be exploited together simultaneously, but in very refined ways to trigger feeding exceptionally strongly, using baits that are truly instant and have no need for prior pre-baiting to work!

Substances which work instantly are very often forms of extracts and enzyme-treated whole proteins and other food groups which have been in effect partially or fully pre-digested into smaller units or molecules. A prime example of this is pre-digested liver or autolysed yeast when the peptide bonds holding together the amino acids and the amino acids are broken down into smaller 2 and 3 peptide chains.

This may sound complicated but basically this means that instead of using whole protein ingredients you are exploiting exactly the correct forms of amino acids which best trigger true feeding behaviours, and coincidentally pass through the gut wall instantly and can be digested with absolutely minimum drain on the resources and energy systems of fish.

Carp are hard-wired to exploit energy-efficient substances like this as opposed to carbohydrates such as insoluble wheat like semolina for instance! I get so many questions regarding beginner ingredients, yet so many are actually pretty complex. For instance how kitchen or supermarket liquids that can be exploited in your baits.

I started out in the seventies purely using small shop, pet and supermarket ingredients. I didnt use eggs and I didnt use semolina or soya. So despite going down those old routes I have come full circle in my bait designs. Egg is a number one danger reference for carp; even we humans can smell it in baits so imagine how much of a potential danger signal eggs are to carp which can detect certain substances down to 1 part in a trillion concentrations!

Ingredients you can buy in supermarkets include condiments, such as Worcester sauce, and tomato sauce, and fructose, black pepper, spices and herbs and sea salts and flavoured oils such as hot pepperoni oil, for taste-enhancement and seasoning.

As sold in the UK as The Original & Genuine Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce includes: malt vinegar (from barley), spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind, extract, onions, garlic, spice, and flavouring. The spice, and flavouring is includes cloves, soy sauce, lemons, pickles and peppers.

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce sold in the USA differs from the British recipe. Its ingredients are listed as: vinegar, molasses, sugar, anchovies, water, onions, salt, garlic, tamarind concentrate, cloves, natural flavourings, and chilli pepper extract. The main differences between the UK and USA versions are the use of distilled white vinegar in place of malt vinegar. The American version is slightly sweeter, less spicy, and has less depth.

Within this liquid are many powerful clues to formulating superior baits. This includes the actual process in which vinegar is produced by fermentation. It includes the power and palatability-improving of molasses, natural flavourings, fish oil and highly digestible protein, natural flavours, essential oils, chilli pepper and garlic active components and oils.

Most anglers appear to be seeking an ultimate bait. But that is just not possible since carp literally perceive baits equally as opportunities and threats. In a conversation I had years ago with Gary Bayes, the head of Nash baits, he described how he used to test new Nash baits on a stock pond which had never been fished. Then the decision was made to fish the stock ponds and see what happened in terms of fish responses to the Nash boilies.

The result was that using a variety of the range of Nash baits, in the first few days the carp in the pond were caught easily. But as the days went by the bites got fewer and fewer until guess what happened within just 2 weeks?

By the end of that period of time of no carp were being caught at all on these boilies. If youre looking for a wonder bait just consider this fact; that fish are dynamically programmed by your baits and tackle and thinking in negative ways. They dynamically adapt to avoid pain and risk of death. Carp do not know they will live if hooked or dragged from water.

Think outside the box of the readymade bait makers! They are all about maximum efficiency, speed and time and profitability of production and conditioning customers tastes and perceptions of what a proper carp bait is. Frankly you cannot ignore the fact that when carp get used to readymade boilies, then the people that very often get the outstanding catching are using alternative bait making methods and even completely different baits, including hemp, maggots, tiger nuts, and mussels and so on.

I have done exceptionally well using spirulina and salts-rich homemade baits in spring when so many anglers around me are using Mainline Cell or some run of the mill fish meal bait that is supposedly the ultimate food bait. But carp have cycles, patterns, periods of different processes and enzyme production peaks and peaks in activities of various kinds and you can exploit all these and more by making your homemade baits totally unique and different! Being different in fishing really is your biggest edge!

How to make your homemade baits different is a fascinating journey of self-development and discovery of an internal world not only of carp and their senses and environment that can be exploited or even changed, but you can improve your own internal world, health and vitality through the nutrients and factors which you eat regularly.

Foods either give life or take life energy away. This is a cornerstone of carp bait and human nutrition. Running through world-class bait design is a core issue of how to supply an excess of free form stimulatory amino acids, enhanced by mineral salts and betaine forms plus addictive substances and powerfully bio-active substances and more! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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