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Country French Style Homes Decorating Ideas

Country French Style Homes Decorating Ideas



Country French Style Homes Decorating Ideas

French style homes offer a timeless beauty coupled with comfort. Style is the focal point of this type of decorating, and you must pay close attention to the quality of the items that you use since most of the items will be of the best.

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It is dominated by light and bright colors with natural enhancements. This is often seen with dark woods for flooring and on furniture. It also marries the old and the new, and you will often see antiques mixed in with natural pottery. Quality items are very important since all of the things used are good, and meant to last for a long time as well as serve a purpose in the home.

One of the things that stands out from this style is the plaster walls and ceilings. You can achieve this with textured paints that add the look without renovations. Use off whites and golden yellows or add a pop of bright color with robin egg blue. Earthy tones are often seen like reds and mossy greens to achieve this look. Remember to also add the color to the ceiling, since the rooms are characterized by the one color.

Flooring should also be natural. Oak wood flooring is more authentic, but if you already have carpeting, then hand woven throw rugs that match the color scheme will adequately mimic the style. You can also add tapestry rugs instead if you find one that works better for your decor, since these are sometimes also seen.

The furniture that is seen is often older in style and has exposed wooden legs and other parts, especially in the couches and chairs. Chests that are slightly used looking work well for end tables, and plank farm tables work well with the style as well. Curved storage cabinets add charm, and shelves that are rustic to hold the fancier items work well with this mix and match style.

Fabrics should be luxurious and natural. Lace, velvet, linen and cotton sateen are all used to great effect, and may be plain or patterned. If you opt for patterns, keep them simple with geometric patterns or landscapes. Colors of these should be monochromatic or incorporate one or two additional colors that should match the room. Tablecloths, curtains and throws can all be used to create the comfort that you are looking for and you should not be afraid of adding textiles.

Details are what makes the rooms. Pay attention to what you add to the rooms, since the goal is to make it comfortable and beautiful. You want people to enter the room and feel at home, not like they are a guest. This is the entire goal of this type of style and is what the decorations should embrace.

Country French style homes are marked by hospitality, livability and beauty. This is achieved with a blend of rustic and old world charm. Have fun with the decorating and remember to infuse lots of bright and light colors to get the best effect.

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