Boat Repair In Wichita, Ks For Shady Creek

byAlma Abell

So, you packed up the family on a sunny summer day and headed out to lake with plans of spending the day on the water. Unfortunately when you arrived you discovered your boat had other plans. If this sounds familiar then you realize how important a competent and qualified repair service can be. After all, they can be the difference between having lunch while drifting across a sparkling azure lake or while listening to your kids complain as you drive back home.

Leisure time is too rare and valuable to let it go to waste. Keep your equipment up and running for when you are ready to use it. For Boat Repair in Wichita, KS, you need Shady Creek. They sell new and used boats and are able to provide Boat Repair in Wichita, KS as well. They are qualified to service a variety of motors as well as provide many structural and aesthetic repairs.

If you are new to the boating world, Shady Creek can work with you to help you become comfortable with your new purchase. Their boating orientation lessons can help to ensure that you, your family and everyone around you are safe out on the water. They will help to lead you through it all, from unloading your new purchase into the water all the way until you are driving it back out to head for home.

Shady Creek is open seven days a week during boating season with two certified technicians on duty all of the time to help with any Boat Repair in Wichita KS. With their location being on the water, they are able to repair and lake-test boats quicker than most repair shops. This means less down-time for you and more time out enjoying yourself on the water.

The team at Shady Creek has over 80 collective years of experience in Boat Repair in Wichita, KS. They want to use the experience to help you enjoy your summer as much as possible. Whether you are interested in buying a new or used boat, or you are ready to get that old boat of yours back up and running, make an appointment with their technicians today.