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Raising Up A Woman: My Daughter, My Heritage}

Raising Up A Woman: My Daughter, My Heritage


Sheila Webster-Heard –

From her highchair, she gazes at me with admiration. Enchanting brown eyes follow me as I bustle about cleaning the handful of Honey Nut Os shes tossed on the floor.

Shes a year old, gorgeous and her daddys joy, and shes smiling so sweetly; at her tender age shes already taking in tidbits of information that will shape her into the woman she will eventually become. I can’t help but think of the position I’m in. I have a huge responsibility to her.

By my example, my daughter, Alysia, will learn to respect herself and value her mind, body and spirit.

Through my actions, I’ll teach her to make sensible choices. I’ll advise her that people will judge her by her attire and by the company she keeps. Ill gently steer her away from anyone and everyone questionable in her life. I’ll always be in the background watching, leading and guiding.

I’ll take a strong interest in her abilities, and when she becomes an adult, I’ll think highly of this stunning young woman with the amazing personality and numerous talents.

She is learning everyday, from the way I interact with her father, how to relate to men. She sees a loving union between us, and she will use it as a guide for her own relationships, but I will also instruct her on the benefits of using her head instead of her heart.

I’ll rejoice when she makes the right choice in a mate, but I won’t ridicule her if she makes the wrong choice. In fact, I hope to instill so much love in her that she will only attract loving and supportive people.

I’ll always speak honestly about life because what I tell her from this point forward will shape the way she views the world. This is precious cargo, you see; an African-American youngster destined for great things.

And great she will be! I knew this the moment the ultrasound technician told me I would be blessed with her. I realized that being her mother would be the most important job I would ever have. I thought about how, if my husband and I instilled in her all the hard-knock lessons weve learned through the years, she would be tough, intelligent and well-rounded. She would be knowledgeable. I was more than ready for the challenge because, sadly, I’ve seen the other side.

I know the mothers whod rather invest more time in their latest boyfriends instead of spending time with their daughters.

I know the mothers who leave their daughters with whomever is willing to baby-sit, even the new boyfriend; a stranger. Too bad mom cant see that baby girl is afraid and would rather be home with her, secure and protected.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen those same daughters, who had so much potential, grow up and try hard to pull themselves out of the cycle of abuse and neglect to no avail. I’ve witnessed them reaching out for someone, anyone, to fill them up on the inside with the love distant mommy and absent daddy wouldnt spare. Sometimes theyve reached out to the wrong crowd. Sometimes the end results were tragic.

Thankfully, I was raised with strong women in my life. I had aunts and grandmothers and my own mother who were excellent examples of what a nurturer should be.

My childhood wasn’t perfect, but I revisit it with joy when I remember all the things mom helped me to accomplish. I learned invaluable life lessons from her. She was always nearby; she shaped me into the woman I am today.

I feel honored that I, too, have the opportunity to mold my princess into a queen and, one day, her own daughter will admire her from a distance. I’ll be there also, embracing them both. My broad smile will be a declaration of triumph; our legacy of successful black women continuing.

Sheila Webster-Heard is a Freelance Writer who loves to write about her life experiences.

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Raising Up A Woman: My Daughter, My Heritage }


Bangladesh security tightened following Pilkhana massacre and Bashundhara City fire

Friday, March 20, 2009

Following the Pilkhana massacre which occurred February 25 and 26 leaving 74 dead and the inferno at the Bashundhara City shopping mall complex March 13 leaving seven dead, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said security measures are being tightened countrywide across Bangladesh.

Fire drills will be enacted at all key-point installations (KPI). Fire fighting systems will be examined by the fire brigade and the public works department (PWD) to ensure functionality. Security measures will be enhanced supplementing areas under private security such as at the Bashundhara City Complex.

The Fire Service and Civil Defence Department requires modernization and needs new equipment to fight fires past the sixth floor of buildings. The Fire Brigade says it needs turntable ladders, snorkels, foam-tenders, lighting units, emergency tenders, fireproof uniforms, and rescue ropes for fire fighting and rescue operations. Transportation to fires is also an issue due to narrow roads, low electrical wires and congestion.

The Bangladesh National Building Code requires fire fighting equipment installed in buildings over seven floors. This code is to be monitored by authorities to ensure compliance with the new guidelines and to make sure buildings are being maintained.

The Bashundhara City Complex opened Monday for shoppers two days after Friday’s blaze. A probe is underway to determine the cause of the fire and to assess structural damage.

Loss of life was minimized as the blaze broke out on a Friday, the beginning of the weekend in Bangladesh, so offices in the upper floors were empty. The lower eight floors are used for shopping and the upper floors are all Bashundhara Group offices.

The mall is valued at Tk 7.0 billion (US$100 million). It is not known if the complex is covered by fire insurance.

It is estimated that it will take over two years to rebuild the area damaged by flames which were burned down to a skeleton. Bashundhara City’s technical advisor, Latifur Rahman, estimated damages at Tk 2.0 billion (US$29m).

Only one television cameraman has been allowed in to film the burnt area. None of the 2,500 shops, cinemas or cafes were burnt by the inferno. The seventh and eighth floors still experience smoke damage, and there was water damage to merchandise.

A three member committee is currently investigating the cause of the fire which will consist of Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary of the ministry, representatives of the police, IGP Noor Muhammad, and fire brigade, Director General Abu Nayeem Md Shahidullah. The committee is required to report within the week with their findings. The forensics department is also sifting through the burnt remains.

The Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries has also formed a committee which has begun interviewing witnesses and recording their testimony alongside the government committee.

It has been discovered that 150 closed circuit cameras were not being used when the fire started. Another mystery is why the mall fire fighting system has been found unused.

Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think….These matters seem to be mysterious

“In the shopping mall there is an ultra-technology elevator which runs even without electricity but we have found that locked,” Iqbal Khan Chowdhury, joint secretary (Police) of the home ministry, said. “Why the fire burnt so fiercely is a matter to think. We have to see if there was any incendiary substance there. These matters seem to be mysterious.”

Mall management has been asked to submit substances and items which would have been in the upper floors when the fire started. The fire erupted on the 17th floor and spread quickly to the two floors above and engulfed the three floors below. The aerial ladders belonging to the Fire Service and Civil Defence reached as high as the 13th floor of the 21-storey building.

Videos have been sent to the United States (US) for examination to assist in determining the cause of the fire and to help in the damage assessment. Experts from the US are expected to arrive soon.

Firefighters were brought to the rooftop of the 20-storey tower by helicopter. The only fatality in this operation was Baki Billa, a firefighter of Bashundhara City firefighting department, who fell when climbing down a rope from a helicopter to the roof of the building. Three other firefighters made the transition safely. At this same time, the chief security officer was safely rescued by the Bangladesh Air Force helicopter, a Bell 212. Six security officers of the complex also lost their lives.


New Ghanaian currency introduced

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New currency notes are being introduced in Ghana today. The new currency, to be called the Ghanaian cedi, replaces the previous cedi which has been in circulation since 17 February, 1967.

The Ghanaian cedi will be exchanged at 10,000 old cedis to one new Ghanaian cedi. The exchange rate against the U.S. dollar starts at GH¢0.92 to one U.S. dollar. The new ISO code for the currency is GHS, and the new symbol, GH¢.

The change, which was originally scheduled by the Bank of Ghana to start on July 1, 2007, will instead start on Tuesday July 3, as the original date is Ghana’s Republic Day.

Monday, July 2, was declared a public holiday as the actual Republic Day fell on a Sunday. July 3, is thus the first day that the currency will be available to the public as banks open to the general public. This is because ATMs were shut down over the weekend so that the currencies could be checked and replaced in all of them nationwide. The old and new currencies will be used concurrently until the end of December 2007, when the old currency will cease to be legal tender.

This is the third Ghanaian cedi to be introduced in the country since 1965.


New Ghanaian currency introduced

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New currency notes are being introduced in Ghana today. The new currency, to be called the Ghanaian cedi, replaces the previous cedi which has been in circulation since 17 February, 1967.

The Ghanaian cedi will be exchanged at 10,000 old cedis to one new Ghanaian cedi. The exchange rate against the U.S. dollar starts at GH¢0.92 to one U.S. dollar. The new ISO code for the currency is GHS, and the new symbol, GH¢.

The change, which was originally scheduled by the Bank of Ghana to start on July 1, 2007, will instead start on Tuesday July 3, as the original date is Ghana’s Republic Day.

Monday, July 2, was declared a public holiday as the actual Republic Day fell on a Sunday. July 3, is thus the first day that the currency will be available to the public as banks open to the general public. This is because ATMs were shut down over the weekend so that the currencies could be checked and replaced in all of them nationwide. The old and new currencies will be used concurrently until the end of December 2007, when the old currency will cease to be legal tender.

This is the third Ghanaian cedi to be introduced in the country since 1965.


What Is A Loan Modification And How Can It Help You Save Your Home?}

What is a Loan Modification and how can it help you save your home?



Loan modifications are becoming a big deal now that the subprime mortgage industry has caused a nationwide shakeup of the mortgage industry. Little more than a change of an existing mortgage’s terms without the need for a complete refinance, bottom line information on loan mod shows that it is considered the best way for borrowers to work with an existing loan to avoid foreclosure and remain in their home.

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The danger of foreclosure is one of the prerequisites for a lender to even consider a borrower’s request to renegotiate the terms of their mortgage. Borrowers must prove to the lender’s satisfaction that they are willing to remain in the home, unable to pay the mortgage due to a complete lack of assets that could be turned into cash, and that there is a demonstrable likelihood that the borrower would be able to continue paying on the mortgage if one or more terms of the loan were adjusted.

Borrowers must realize that this is not a short term fix, much like one month forbearances might be, but instead it is a business decision that will have a far reaching impact on the home owner that will span the same amount of time as the duration of the loan he/she is holding. Conversely, a loan modification is not the same as a refinance, a second mortgage, or even a debt consolidation loan. The modification only affects the currently outstanding loan and does not cancel it but just revises the terms.

This method has the power to end foreclosure and rather than having to cure the default, the homeowner may modify the terms of the agreement and reinstate the preexisting mortgage. Since lenders need to see at least some profitability from this business, there has been the stipulation that accrued fees and penalties do not have to be forgiven but instead may be rolled into the actual loan itself, thereby not being lost to the lender. In the same vein, the missed payments may be incorporated in a number of different ways to ensure that the lender is not shortchanged.

In return, the lender agrees to not blemish the credit profile of the homeowner and in addition agrees to accept the declarations of the borrower with respect to his ability to make future mortgage payments in good faith. Homeowners who have undergone this process will do well to remember that this is a one time chance and it is crucial to remember that this may very well be the final chance to save homeownership for this consumer. You can find out more about mortgage loan modification by visiting our site

Krista Scruggs is an article contributor to connects you with service providers that can help you avoid foreclosure. We have several Loan Modification companies within our network, each with their own strengths and specialties. Depending on your specific situation (the Property State, your mortgage lender, your mortgage history, your hardship, and any other unique situation you might be in), we will match you up with the right company.

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What is a Loan Modification and how can it help you save your home?



UK Serious Fraud Office to investigate MG Rover collapse

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The United Kingdom’s Serious Fraud Office is to launch an investigation into the collapse of car manufacturer MG Rover. The move follows the conclusion of a four-year enquiry started immediately after the firm became insolvent.

The group of four who owned MG Rover — John Towers, Nick Stephenson, Peter Beale and John Edwards — have been accused of asset stripping. The quartet, known as the Phoenix Four, paid a symbolic £10 (approximately €15) for Rover in 2000. At that time the company received an interest-free loan from former owner BMW for £427 million (approximately €700 million) and came with a large amount of unsold stock.

Between then and Rover’s April 2005 bankruptcy, by which time there were unpaid debts of £1 billion (approximately €1.5 billion), the Phoenix Four had removed an estimated £40 million worth of assets including pensions and salaries. An enquiry was launched by ministers that was expected to take a year, but the final report was not delivered to business secretary Lord Mandelson until three weeks ago.

The government used taxpayer’s money to fund a £6 million loan to MG Rover and attempted to negotiate a deal with a Chinese company, but these efforts failed. MG Rover’s collapse caused the loss of an estimated 15,000 jobs, including with various suppliers. A former MG Rover factory does still build a small number of MG sports cars in Longbridge by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, who bought most of the designs.

The Phoenix Four released a statement criticising the criminal investigation. “There has never been any suggestion of improper conduct by the directors and this was confirmed in a report by the administrators PWC six months after they took over the running of the company. Four years on, any suggestion [of] another further investigation is frankly ridiculous and smacks of kicking this issue into the long grass. If the government has been so concerned to get to the heart of the matter why has it flatly refused more than 30 requests under the Freedom of Information Act which would have revealed correspondence and documents the directors believe would have shed some light on the government’s role in the affair?”


New Zealand dollar hits new high versus the United States dollar

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

File:New Zealand money.jpg

The New Zealand dollar (NZD) value rose and, for a short amount of time, was worth US$0.7932, the highest level in New Zealand since the dollar was floated in 1985 — 22 years ago.

The value then dropped a little and as of 11.40 a.m. was trading at US$0.7925. This was due to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announcing that it will intervene next week at their Official Cash Rate review if the dollar continued to rise.

Economists are predicting that the NZD will now go above US$0.80.

The cause of this rise was mainly due to the release of the June quarter retail sales data. The consumer price index data showed that sales increased by 1.2%, instead of the predicted 0.4%. The bigger than expected sales data were mainly due to supermarket, car and petrol purchases. In May, the core sales figures showed a 0.8% rise, these figures excluded car and fuel sales.

Economist correspondents for Radio New Zealand have also said that a weak US dollar is also to blame for the rising New Zealand dollar. Danika Hampton, currency analyst for the Bank of New Zealand, says the NZD is looking expensive and doubts if it will maintain its current high figure.

Michael Cullen, the finance minister of New Zealand, has said that investors will be hurt when the New Zealand dollar does fall. Dr Cullen personally believes that the NZD is currently overvalued.

The Wellington Chamber of Commerce has called for the New Zealand Government to slow down it’s spending. Charles Finny, from the Chamber of Commerce, says this is one of the core factors, more than the oil and housing markets, despite speculation. Worldwide oil prices are at a current 11-month high.

The retails sales figures also resulted in Government bonds being weakened. The two-year and ten-year Government bonds are at 7.61% and 6.82% respectively.

The Official Cash Rate is currently at 8%, due to other interventions by the Reserve Bank.

The NZD is also trading well against the Australian dollar and Japanese yen.


SEPTA buys rail cars from NJ Transit to deal with crowding

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As gas prices have risen in the United States, the regional transport authority for southeastern Pennsylvania, SEPTA, has seen a sharp increase in ridership, which has caused overcrowding on the trains.

“As fuel prices have continued to rise, SEPTA ridership has steadily increased and is the highest in 18 years,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph Casey. Monthly ridership was 22 percent higher last month than a year ago.

“They have crushed loads on their rail lines, already where people are standing, and there’s not enough seats,” said Rich Bickel, the director of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

“At peak times some railcars are standing room only and commuter parking lots are nearly full. All Regional Rail lines are running near full capacity and the train station parking lots are at about 90 percent capacity or more,” SEPTA spokesperson Felipe Suarez said.

While SEPTA awaits new Silverliner V trains from Hyundai Rotem, which begin arriving in 2009, it had hoped to lease eight rail cars from New Jersey Transit, at an agreed-upon rate of US$10,000 per month. However, due to problems with insurance and liability indemnification, the deal fell through, according to Casey.

SEPTA has entered a new agreement to purchase the eight rail cars from NJ Transit. The transit authority will pay US$670,000 for the cars and assorted supplies plus one additional inoperative car which will be used for spare parts. The rail cars will be operated using a SEPTA provided locomotive as they are not self-propelled.

The cars are being disposed of by NJ Transit because it has switched from single-floor cars to double-decker cars.

SEPTA is expecting to raise US$3.1 million by selling rail that has been out of service since 1981 at auction.


Suprising J Query Flip Animation}

Submitted by: Mobile JQuery

Flipbooks or page flips have become one of the most popular interactive animation shortcuts in web design. They can be easily implemented in Flash, or websites, documents, and your slew of online magazines which are being created and published nearly every day. Use of flipbook or page-flips effects in web design facilitates owners to present their product catalogs, sales brochures, contents and many more in a eye catching and visually effective way. Combining HTML5 and CSS3 one can achieve animations and these can also be created using HTML-CSS and jQuery flipbook plugins, which will render a smoother option.

In this article we have collected 12 Best JQuery Flipbook Plugins for your next online venture, such as a magazine site, or an online shopping site. The following jquery flipbook plugins will make the HTML content and images flip 360 degree and animate them with jQuery and CSS3 transform and rotate. You will probably find these most useful for your portfolio. Enjoy!

1. Turn.js

Turn.js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; turn.js is the best fit for a magazine, book or catalog based in HTML5. Turn.js is only 15kb, works on mobile & tablet browsers as well and makes use hardware acceleration.

2. Flip Page

This plugin also keeps the page flip effect inside/over the images displayed (that ends up in a 2D-like experience). It makes use of HTML5-CSS3 + hardware acceleration and works also in mobile browsers.

3. Metrojs

Metro JS is a JavaScript plugin for jQuery developed to easily enable Metro interfaces on the web. This release focuses on Live Tiles, the Application Bar and Theming. Its early in the development phase, but all features should work on at least IE7+(Win/WinPhone), Firefox, Chrome, Android, Opera, and Safari(OSX/iOS).

YouTube Preview Image

3. jFlip Plugin

This plugin builds an image gallery made as a book. You can flip the book pages to view the next or previous image clicking or dragging the animated corners shown when hovering on the gallery area.

4. Flip Counte

flipCounter is a jQuery plugin that turns a boring ole number into a big, beautiful analogue display. Count down the days until the apocalypse, make your own debt clock or throw back to the 90s and resurrect the hit-counter.

5. Bookblock

BookBlock is a plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a page flip navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text. The plugin transforms the structure only when needed (i.e. when flipping a page) and uses some overlays as shadow for the pages to create more realism.

6. Flip

Flip is a jQuery plugin that will flip easily your elements in four directions. Flip allows you to define the directions where you want to flip your content, you can also define background color, speed of animation, and it also supports onAnimation and OnEnd animation where animation executed on given time.

7. Booklet

Booklet is probably the plugin with most options in this list as it allows configuring each variable. The JavaScript turning page effect is not that strong as it keeps things within corners (no overflows from the book itself) but works solid. Pages can be turned manually, via keyboard, prev-next links or automatically (autoplay). Each page also has a unique URL (using hashtags). It has support chapters, ca show page numbers and callbacks exist for further interaction.

8. Portfolio Flipping Slide

The slider will change our portfolio images when its flipping, this flipping effect is triggered by user click on the pagination. So when user click a page each of our portfolio images will flipping 360 degree and when its animation near end the image will changed with new image.

9. imBookFlip

imBookFlip plugin can display the book-like content in an iframe or directly on the page. Its pages can be set to turn when manually clicked or as an auto play, sadly, no support for dragging a page. Also, its API allows directly pointing to a desired page.

10. Flippy

Flippy is a lightweight cross-browser jquery flip effect plugin which lets you flip whatever html element you want.

11. QucikFlip2

QuickFlip works by using an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when flipped quickly (hence the name). This shortcut improves performance while allowing the flip effect to work smoothly with any piece of markup regardless of images, backgrounds or CSS.

12. jQuery Notebook Page Flip Animation

This fancy jQuery Notebook skin uses a jQuery animation plugin called jQuery Booklet Plugin.

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Canada’s York West (Ward 7) city council candidates speak

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Monday, October 30, 2006

On November 13, Torontoians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is York West (Ward 7). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Sandra Anthony, Fred Cutler, Giorgio Mammoliti (incumbent), and Larry Perlman.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.