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Online Omnibus Survey Consultant: Focus On Hot Button Issues

By Peter S. Gold

In an era when image and brand is everything, Omnibus survey tools provide vital answers that are fast, insightful, and cost-effective. Using sophisticated technology and the expertise of a qualified survey consultant, businesses and other organizations can gather real-time data regarding popular opinions, hot-button issues, and reactions to unfolding events and developing news stories. This valuable information can then be skillfully analyzed with the help of the trained survey consultant with the results of the Omnibus survey delivered in an intuitive, easy to understand report format.

Many decision makers tend to think of using Omnibus surveys in a limited capacity, such as for polling a specific demographic in the wake of a product launch or gathering consumer behavior data prior to a major marketing campaign. But in the current information age, when news travels instantly and consumers are constantly forming powerful opinions around positive or negative events, business can hardly afford to be without proactive Omnibus survey resources.

— As soon as news breaks, there is potential impact to your brand or company image. Therefore it’s important to have a qualified survey consultant to assist in crafting relevant questions and quickly pose them to your sample audience.

— The responses can then be analyzed across a variety of different subgroups to ascertain differences across varying populations.

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— Reaction to news and information can have a significant impact on consumer behavior. Therefore, data collected early can save an organization from launching a poorly timed and ill-fated communications/marketing strategy.

— Or it can reveal an opportunity to identify and capitalize on relevant issues or trends in order to increase sales, capture a greater share of the market, or increase loyalty among current customers. Sometimes disaster strikes or accidents happen and a company is faced with unexpected threats to its image and brand.

— Procrastinating or hesitating because of a lack of clear understanding or failing to accurately and speedily identify the hot button issues can wreak havoc. As the saying goes, “He who hesitates is lost.”

— But at the same time rushing into a press conference to issue a prompt statement based on misleading data or incomplete research can also backfire – creating an even more volatile situation.

— Rather than wading into a situation that can turn into a publicity nightmare – or doing nothing while negative public opinion grows stronger and more divisive – savvy leaders turn to survey consultants for solid and reliable answers.

— This enables them to thoughtfully respond in an efficient and effective manner, rather than simply reacting and getting swept away by the momentum and emotion of the moment.

Online Omnibus surveys should not be reserved only for emergencies as today’s consumer desire to feel a personal connection with the brands they support. An Omnibus survey allows quick and cost-effective monitoring of what makes your customers tick throughout every big news cycle.

Learn what is most important to them in terms of significant hot-button issues by taking advantage of Omnibus survey technology. Then refine your communications to your target audience in a way that resonates and creates a sustainable and beneficial relationship that provides value-add for them and profitability for you.

About the Author: Omnibus Research Consultant Peter Gold demonstrates the power of

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