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Choosing A Bridal Jacket

By Ben Greenwood

Alanis Morrissette once sang that rain on your wedding day was ironic – of course it isn’t at all, it’s unfortunate. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty common. Whilst that stunning dress is bound to make everyone cry tears of joy, and those perfectly matched wedding accessories combine to create a truly fairytale blushing bride, some brides may forget to take into account practical considerations – such as rain and cold.

Practical doesn’t mean dull however – bridal wear designers have taken the elements into consideration and there is a vast range of beautiful bridal jackets, shawls and sholes on offer for any bride worried they may feel the chills of a unexpected shower or wintry day.

Of course, bridal jackets and their offshoots extend far beyond merely protecting the bride from the elements – they can also be an excellent complement to a dress, adding further to the glamour of your big day and dazzling your guests in the process.

Which style of bridal jacket is right for you?

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As previously mentioned, there is a great deal of jackets to choose from and picking the right style for you is vitally important. For those going for the classic fairytale princess look, a traditional white satin jacket is recommended. These jackets often act as an extension of the dress, allowing the bride to seamlessly transition between jacket and jacketless depending on the weather.

A shawl offers a lighter alternative to a full-sleeved jacket, but offers the same benefits. Again, shawls can be matched exactly to the dress, but the bride looking to stand out can opt for any manner of designs made from materials including ostrich and marabou feathers.

Stoles and shrugs are ideal for the bride looking to protect herself from the cold whilst still looking gorgeous. Traditionally made from fur (or more recently, animal-friendly faux fur) or feathers, stoles and shrugs come in a variety of different styles and designs – picking the right one comes down to a balance of matching your dress and expressing your own personal style.

Vintage and Unique

Bridal jackets and shrugs should be considered essential for the bride planning a vintage wedding. Of course, there are plenty of authentic retro bridal jackets available but those looking to invoke the glitz and glamour of the golden age of vintage should go designer. Designers such as Sasso have created entire lines of stoles and jackets dedicated to classic fashion eras such as the 20s and 30s, combining timeless vintage looks with high quality materials and design.

Even if you aren’t planning to go all out vintage with your wedding, designer vintage pieces can offer a great opportunity for unique accessorising. Opting for a jacket made entirely from material such as Alaska Ostrich feathers or even a full cape adds an unrivalled edge to any bride’s attire and is bound to astound anyone, either at the big day itself or even just flicking through the photo album years later!

Whilst dresses and other wedding accessories such as shoes will always be the beating heart of a bride’s dream outfit, the power of a bridal jacket or shawl in making an outfit even more glamorous should not be overlooked. Plus, of course, it’ll keep you nice and cosy as you prepare to walk down the aisle.

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