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Reasons For Hiring A Small Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

byAlma Abell

If you are a sole proprietor, you and your business are legally one and the same thing, rendering you personally liable for all its debts. Therefore, in the event that your business is declared bankrupt and there is not enough money in the business to pay the debts, creditors will be entitled to not only take the business assets, they can also take your personal assets. This rule also applies for general partners. If your small business is compelled to file for bankruptcy, it is essential that you seek assistance from someone having the requisite legal knowledge in business bankruptcy. Here are some important reasons for hiring a Small Business Bankruptcy Lawyer.

The attorney has undergone certification

A business bankruptcy attorney will have been duly by the American Board of Certification. A certified attorney is likely to have gone through rigorous testing and met objective standards while demonstrating exceptional knowledge in bankruptcy laws and creditors’ rights. Due to their vast knowledge in the prevailing state laws on bankruptcy, such attorneys are capable interpreting the law to the advantage of their clients.

Experience in bankruptcy proceedings

Choosing a business bankruptcy attorney will guarantee you that they already have experience in bankruptcy adjudications on a business level. You may gauge a particular attorney’s level of experience by getting references from their colleagues, as well as visiting their website and examining the various reviews made by their previous clients.

Help with tackling legal complexities

A small business bankruptcy attorney is capable of helping you with the following:

1. Analyzing your situation and explaining your rights and legal options.

2. Taking the necessary precautions aimed at preventing lawsuits, tax levies, garnishments, foreclosure and any other collection actions that may have been brought against you.

3. Providing legal advice that will help you in rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.

If your business is on the verge of financial failure and you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is essential that you hire a Small Business Bankruptcy Lawyer who is committed through certification to keeping up their proficiency through continual practice and education. Contact Hitchcock & Associates, P.C. They have competent bankruptcy lawyers with a winning track record. Visit for details on their services.

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Hire A Lawyer In Topeka, Ks To Help With Bankruptcy

byAlma Abell

If you’re in debt and you can’t see a way out, there is still hope. There is a way to clear your debts and not have to lose your home or your main form of transportation. While it is typically the last step a person will take to clear their debts, it is possible for you to file for bankruptcy. This is something you can do through the court system on your own, but it is always recommended that you hire a Lawyer in Topeka KS, to help you.

Your lawyer will help you navigate the often confusing field of bankruptcy law. They’re going to help you figure out which chapter of bankruptcy to file for, depending on a few different factors. These factors may include your income, whether you own a business, and how much debt you have. Once they help you figure out which chapter to apply for, you’re going to need to start figuring out how much debt you have and filing the necessary paperwork. There’s a lot of paperwork, so having a lawyer to help you can be a time saver and it can ensure there are no mistakes.

Your Lawyer in Topeka KS, is also going to handle all of the calls from debt collectors for you. If you’ve been receiving calls daily or multiple times a day, you’re not going to receive them any longer. They’ll have to call the lawyer who is representing you to discuss the bankruptcy and file to try to receive the money owed to them. Your house is going to be a lot quieter and more relaxing, as you don’t have to handle these calls on your own anymore.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, a lawyer like Joe Wittman can be an invaluable asset. There’s a lot they can do to help you, including determining the correct chapter to file for, the amount you’re filing for, helping with paperwork, and preventing debt collectors from calling you. This can stop a foreclosure or repossession, so you want to call your attorney as quickly as possible to see how they can help you. Then, you can get started getting your finances back on track again.