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Nitro Rc Cars Are Better Than Video Games}

Submitted by: David R. Stuart

I made a huge mistake last month, whilst backing my pickup out of the drive I accidentally drove over my sons nitro rc car, I guess we were both to blame as he shouldnt have left it on the drive and walked away, and I should have looked before reversing because its not the first time a toy has been obliterated by a 2 ton pickup truck. Anyway before the situation got out of hand I said I would replace the car and put it down to experience. Had I known how much it had cost I might not have been so quick to suggest it.

My sons nitro car was a top of the range Traxxas Revo that had been upgraded with loads of trick items, just like a real car, it had extra horsepower, a tuned exhaust and suspension upgrades for a start. When the list was done and I saw how much I would have to spend I started looking to save a few bucks. Can you not salvage any of that from the old car? No was the reply.

I was looking at a bill for 570, not small change. I thought for a while and it occurred to me that this might be covered under our household insurance accident policy, sure enough after a call to the insurance broker it was confirmed, someone would be sent to see the car and we would get a cheque. Great. So I was happy, my son was happy to be getting a brand new car and my wife was furious for the expected hike in our insurance policy.

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My son started to look online for a good deal for his new car and as many upgrades or hopups that he could get.

I am no stranger when it comes to cars; I have my own truck a HPI savage X, which is pretty expensive too. So I paid attention to how he was upgrading his car, and got a little jealous that my car was still factory-standard. When my son had finished building and tweaking his car we took it out on the dirt for a test drive. He still had to break the car and engine in so it would only be a taster of how well the car would perform. It didnt disappoint. My son is at the stage where he could build a complete car from scratch and have it tuned and ready to run in a few days, which is quite an achievement considering how many parts are involved.

Think of how many teens just sit around and play driving games without any understanding of a car and its set up.

And a quality nitro rc car is about the same price as a Playstation or Nintendo but a nitro car can become a passion not an addiction. Do your teenager a favour, get them out of the 2 dimensional world of television and into the real world, they will thank you for it later.

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