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Submitted by: James Hail

Living in Texas you always have a choose. People don’t understand the power to choose sports teams.

In Dallas you have some of the greatest sports teams Texas has seen in a long time. Yes Dallas is a Cowboys town but the Mavericks and Rangers are doing their best to push the Cowboys off the hill.

I told my wife I want the championship DVDs for both the Mavericks and Rangers for Christmas. I have never been so proud of a sports team as I am for the Rangers.

With everything looking bad before the season started losing Cliff Lee and the ownership change again. I did not think they would be back in the world series.

I hope they win the thing this year.

When the final out was recorded within the American League Championship Series as well as the Rangers had earned one more shot at the Globe Series, a boyhood dream came true for Mike Napoli.

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Among the couple of Rangers who wasn’t about for the postseason thrills of 2010, Napoli leaped from behind dwelling plate and engulfed closer Neftali Feliz in a joyous hug, an embrace that turned into a mob scene of celebration on the infield at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

A thousand miles away, a mother’s dream came accurate as well.

Watching the game at household, tears streaming down her face, Torres was overwhelmed, and with superior reason: She had two children going towards the huge dance on exactly the same night.

“I was crying so hard the whole time I was watching, because I was just so happy,” stated Torres. “I mean, I nonetheless have times where I go, ‘Is that genuinely my son on Television?’ It seems like just yesterday he was hitting the ball off the tee, and now Mikey’s going towards the Globe Series.”

Her husband and Napoli’s stepfather, Rick Torres, was there for the big baseball event, generating it down towards the field inside the wild celebration of loved ones and buddies that followed, in addition to Napoli’s girlfriend, Selma Alameri. Using the chaos all around him on the field, Napoli couldn’t quit smiling.

“When I got traded here, I knew some thing special could take place, and we did it. It all worked out fantastic,” stated Napoli, who came up with the Angels and spent five seasons with them just before being traded to Toronto and then the Rangers just four days later in January.

And when his mother came into the conversation, there was an earnest and enthusiastic response.

“If it weren’t for my mother, I wouldn’t be here these days. She deserves plenty of credit, and I enjoy her to death,” Napoli said.

Soon sufficient, the text message hit Donna Torres’ cellphone, imparting comparable words: “I really like you so considerably.”

Remember, this is a tough-as-nails catcher whose tight, potent swing bashes baseballs and who has taken more than a couple of hits at the plate this postseason, including a crushing one from former teammate Sean Rodriguez of the Rays inside the Division Series, and one more in which he deftly collapsed with Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera bearing down on him. Each were major outs.

But when it comes to mom, Napoli’s normally going to be a grown-up version of that kid who could only dream that he was starting his road to the World Series, his mom at the steering wheel.

“She was taking me to practices when I was five years old in tee-ball, working two jobs and taking care of me and my brother, usually generating confident I was where I necessary to be,” Napoli said. “She’s been there my entire life all through every thing. She’s a terrific person. I’ll constantly appear as much as her.”

Virtually each and every ballplayer has a mother, or had one, who made an impact on his life, a lot of making sacrifices like those. But this relationship has been especially strong from the beginning, when — as Torres says — she missed out on carving a Halloween pumpkin in 1981, delivering 1 instead. Not lengthy soon after, she was raising Mikey and his younger brother Joey as a single mother, and she started her firstborn on a baseball journey that continues in St. Louis this week.

“Mikey and I are extremely, extremely close,” Torres said. “I type of did it on my own for a though, and Mikey only had me for a although.”

About the Author: I have been a Texas Ranger fan all my life. I work for an energy consulting group which sell electricity in the Dallas area.


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