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What Your Realtor Isn’t Telling You About Preparing To Sell

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By Juhlin Youlein

Selling a home can often be considered one of the most frustrating or irritating experiences an individual will experience in their lifetime. Most sellers that are selling a home they have lived in for any extended period of time start to grow attached to their home. When they sell their home, the seller wants to make sure and get the best possible deal, or get the maximum amount for the home they created so many memories in and are now separating from. A seller just envisions putting their home up for sale on the market, having little hassle, having a buyer come, love the home, accept the given price and to smoothly and peacefully make the transition between buyer and seller.

Unfortunately, selling a home rarely works out in such a fashion. In the last ten years or so, selling a home has become more and more complex process or transaction. Popping up left and right are hard to read, hard to understand, complicated forms dealing with everything from the environment, to law, to just terms of selling and buying.

On top of documents becoming more and more complicated, more and more realtors are changing from representing the seller first to representing the buyer first. It used to be that if a buyer slipped and told the realtor something as pertaining to the amount they were willing to pay for the home, the realtor would undoubtedly tell the seller even if the buyer asked them not to. In days past, a realtor did everything they could to get the highest price for their clients the sellers. Now, brokerage houses and other home related realtor businesses are trying to get the lowest possible price for their client the buyer.

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The key to preparing for the new and complicated world of selling a home is to get a realtor. Realtors are trained and experienced with transactions such as housing marketing, accounting, financing, and all other areas of the transaction.

Before a seller hires a realtor though, the selling process takes months in advance to really prepare for. A seller should upgrade and prepare the home as much as possible. A seller should walk through their home and observe the different rooms looking for new paint jobs it will need or updates in the decorating. The seller should think to themselves about what the buyers will be seeing and improve the home accordingly.

Knowing when to sell actually takes a lot of extra preparation. Never sale a home at an inconvenient time for the seller; too much can go wrong and moving is a super stressful physical even in and of itself. Dates and time lines should be prearranged and set by the seller to keep a solid schedule. Also the time of year is important; most homes are sold in the summer but that is ok because most buyers are active in the summer as well. Even though there is more competition, there is also a better market.

When planning on the price to sell a home, realize that a buyer will look for a home in the nicest neighborhood they think they can afford, and try and find the cheapest or least expensive home they can find in that particular neighborhood. So a seller should improve their home but not to the point that they are the most expensive in the neighborhood.

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