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Bomb attack in Londonderry, Northern Ireland injures two police officers

Friday, October 8, 2010

A bomb exploded early on Tuesday morning in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, injuring two police officers. Investigations into the identity of the bombers and their motive are continuing. The Real Irish Republican Army a paramilitary group that aims to bring about a united Ireland, has claimed responsibility.

The explosion on Culmore Road caused serious damage to nearby buildings, including Da Vinci’s hotel and a branch of the Ulster Bank. A telephone warning was given an hour beforehand and the area, including the hotel, was cleared. The officers, standing near the edge of the exclusion zone, suffered injuries to their necks and ears when they were blown over by the blast.

Chief Superintendent Stephen Martin from the Police Service of Northern Ireland asked for anyone who had seen the Vauxhall Corsa car in which the bomb was hidden before the explosion to come forward. Although the bomb, thought to be over 200lb, was left near the bank, Mr Martin did not think it was the intended target and said that the bomb may have been left because of the presence of police in the area.

The Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, called the bombers “Neanderthals” and “conflict junkies”, and added that they were “failing miserably” to destroy the peace process in Northern Ireland. He is attending the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham; the Daily Mail reports he refused to comment on if the attack was to coincide with his absence. The city’s mayor, Colm Eastwood, who was at the scene, said he was “disgusted”, adding “I do not know what these people are hoping to achieve. They say they love their country but they spend time trying to destroy it.”




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ASEAN basketball league moves closer to reality

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The formation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Basketball League this week almost certainly ensures that a professional basketball league will be run across southern Asia. In planning for almost two years a US$5 million backing from Malaysian business tycoons Tony Fernandes of AirAsia and Indonesian media mogul Erick Thoir should see the league commence in September this year. The goal is to boost the mainstream popularity of basketball which, according to organizers of the new league, is already the second most popular team sport behind football.

Fernandes believes using overseas professional players will help increase the competitiveness and skills of the local ASEAN players. Fernandes said, “The aim is to develop local talent. Foreign players from outside ASEAN will be role models. Maybe one day our players will play in the NBA.”

Singapore’s The Straits Times quoted secretary general of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Patrick Baumann, as saying “Asia was ready for a professional league but warned organizers will have to ensure it doesn’t fade away after a few years. The time is right but it is not going to be simple to sustain the league”. He further added that “there has to be good entertainment. The clubs need to be managed professionally and well funded. You cannot have the league for one or two years and then stop.”

Addressing concerns over the current financial crisis and its possible impact on the launch of the league Fernandes said, “Yes, there will be a lot of obstacles and road blocks. But no mountain will stop us. During an economic downturn like now, this new league will create jobs.”

The composition of the league is still under discussion however it is expected that at least eight teams will part of the series this year. Each nation will be permitted a maximum of two privately owned teams. Other details including prize money, sponsorship and number of games is still in planning. The league will be organised by the South-east Asian Basketball Association which governs basketball across the region.

Will the ASEAN Basketball League be a success?
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Singapore Slingers are expected to be one of the first confirmed teams in the new competition. Bob Turner, CEO of the Slingers, said “We are definitely very interested. We believe that this will take the sport to the next level and we hope to confirm our entry as soon as possible.”

The league is tentatively scheduled to start in September 2009 and continue until February 2010. It will initially consist of eight teams that will play on a home-and-away basis. The champion will be the last team standing after a knock-out playoff round.


Kitchen Hobs, Electric Chimneys And Their Innovation In The Modern Indian Household}

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Kitchen hobs, Electric chimneys and their innovation in the modern Indian household



In todays stressful atmosphere where cookery is a method that requires productivity that has to mix and match with economy for tastier food in the least possible time, todays kitchen requires a contemporary electric chimney that takes care of exhaust, fumbles, odors, smokes, vapors emanating from food and other pollution-related effects of Indian cooking, while the process of cooking itself can be given the greatest attention. An electric chimney takes care of these issues that the Indian kitchen routinely faces with ease of use and reliability; additionally, it also makes the Indian cooking environment a pollution-free and odor-free place that makes it easier to cook in.

Of course, the cooking surface itself needs to be innovative for a truly perfect Indian kitchen. Todays kitchen hobs therefore arrive with flat surfaces which have all heating and cooking elements hidden underneath, so that a person can just concentrate on the cooking instead of worrying about the functioning of different appliances. A modern kitchen hobs digital surface will also let the cook control temperature, heating time, cooking atmosphere etc. without a lot of manual intervention. It also makes Indian cooking much safer than it used to be, because the main mode of heating is mostly hidden and away from the persons space of use. The source of energy that feeds a kitchen hob depends it could be gas or electricity. Most kitchen hobs dont require ovens to perform their function Todays kitchen hobs are not only aesthetically beautiful, they also coordinate themselves with other kitchen appliances flawlessly and are overall amazing to work with.

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Accompanied with the hob, the electric chimney is basically an exhaust hood powered by an electric motor. The powerful suction capacity of the electric chimney is highly suited to an Indian kitchen, which has been traditionally infamous for producing a high amount of fumes and odors. It also arrives with customized filters that can remove smoking from separate ingredients,thus raising the experience of cooking to a highly enjoyable level.

In modern India, the electric chimney has evolved to become a complete necessity for the Indian kitchen, and with the innovation that has been going on in recent times, Indian kitchens have become well-equipped with international quality appliances.The endeavor to create a completely smokeless kitchen in India has led to differently styled appliances and chimneys that can adjust to any setting. The buyer can today select every requirement that addresses his or her particular household in terms of cooking expectations and the need of a particular Indian family.

Elica features an innovative split chimney system which is a one-of-a-kind experience for Indian kitchens. Instead of an internal motor, it features external motors which also reduce the noise that is usually produced in an Indian kitchen. It also makes cleaning and maintaining the chimney much easier. The kitchen hobs and chimneys work in a coordinated fashion to make the cooking experience easier from a single point of touch.


kitchen hobs

therefore arrive with flat surfaces which have all heating and cooking elements hidden underneath, so that a person can just concentrate on the cooking instead of worrying about the functioning of different appliances

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Wikinews attends Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wikinews attended the sixth annual Mini Maker Faire in Tyler, Texas, United States on Saturday. Similar to a giant science fair, the event featured a variety of science, engineering and technology projects and items.

An array of technologies were on hand including 3D printers, drones, and various other physics devices. The owner of the Make Crate subscription service stated her company’s products place a strong emphasis on teaching young people about technology and coding. A traditional blacksmith was also on hand displaying metal working techniques.

Numerous Maker Clubs from an array of local schools were on hand, displaying a broad swathe of tech projects. A group of amateur hobbyists diplayed a model of the deck of the aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan with a solenoid device hooked up to launch paper airplanes.